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Open Source Strategy

Strategies to Help You Achieve Your Business and Technology Objectives   
The Open Source Sense strategy consulting practice can help your organization devise customized approaches to open source technologies and methods for achieving business and technology goals. Our consulting team has engaged with hundreds of organizations, providing comprehensive strategies for industry-leading technology suppliers and enterprise IT organizations.
  • License and IP Strategy
Analysis of technology and IP portfolios, including both open source and proprietary software, to harmonize licensing choices and compliance requirements with system architecture and commercial goals
  • Product and Technology Strategy
Application of open source industry best practices to creating innovative products and services built with, on, and for OSS, and creating business models for monetizing and scaling revenues from OSS-based offerings.
  • Community, Ecosystem, and Channel Strategy
Launching and nurturing open source communities and ecosystems with strategy, and interaction models to derive maximum benefit from community and commercial participants, effectively managing community interests, and developing, supporting, and monetizing OSS technologies
  • Go-to-Market Strategy
Developing unique value propositions to the right target markets through segmentation, product and services portfolio definition, price and revenue modeling, and tuning of promotional vehicles to reach developers and users.
  • Legacy Migration Strategy
Analysis of legacy/proprietary software and creation of strategies and financial models for replacing select applications, tools, and stacks with open source alternatives with integration and support.
  • Due Diligence Support
Our experts provide the responsiveness, speed, and discretion required to reduce business risk, meet deadlines, and keep merger and acquisition (M&A) deals moving. We help you understand open source license audit results and plan to meet short- and long-term compliance challenges.
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Open Source Software Management

Professional Open Source Management and Governance
The goal of open source management is to realize maximum benefit from open source software while dependably managing its legal and operational risks. Our consultants with the experience of working with hundreds of companies are uniquely qualified to help your organization develop and implement an effective open source software management program, ensuring that your business realizes its objectives while efficiently addressing the operational, technical, and legal challenges.
  • Open Source Management Strategy Development
An Open Source Management Strategy is based on the business objectives of the organization and drives those objectives into the decisions in each of the program dimensions.
  •  Open Source Policy and Process Development
Effective policy embodies the rules for using and managing OSS within an organization. We provide training and leadership to stakeholders to deliver a policy employing best practices to fit your unique needs.  Standard processes enable you to reap the full benefits of OSS. Through stakeholder workshops, we deliver a set of efficient processes based on best practices and your organization’s existing framework.
  •  Open Source Program Implementation
Implementing an OSS management program in a large organization incorporates planning, organizational development, tools selection, deployment and training.  We can help minimize pitfalls and create and launch a cross-disciplinary program.
  • Open Source Governance Optimization
For companies with an open source management program in place, we assess current practices and provide actionable recommendations to save time and reduce overhead, to address operational and legal risk, and to derive maximum advantage from OSS governance programs

Open Source Program Office

Establishing an OSPO for Community Leadership and Innovation
We assist organizations with growing commitments to open source in launching an “Open Source Program Office” (OSPO) to take on key responsibilities in working with communities, complementing and augmenting existing relationships established by individual developers, managers and legal staff, and in operationalizing internal OSS support roles, compliance, and other related activities across the s/w development life- cycle.
While OSPO purview varies across organizations, our practice helps emergent program offices develop

  • Open source strategy and Identification of key open source technologies and trends
  • OSS selection and qualification policies, with technical and licensing criteria
  • Establishing and monitoring Key Performance Indices (KPIs) to measure organization-wise and OSPO progress
  • Interfacingwith inside and outside legal resources
  • Operationalizing code life-cycle management and compliance programs
  • Training for developers, managers and other key stakeholders in open source management
  • Internal and external evangelism about organization open source activities, policies and success

Open Source Security

The Open Source Sense team brings decades of industry experience to help organizations understand and realize the benefits of using, developing, contributing, and commercializing open source software, while minimizing risk. Open Source Sense helps delivers those benefits with four practices focused on security:

  • Security Policy Development
  • Security Process Development
  • Open Source Security Optimization
  • Open Source Portfolio Remediation
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Special Projects

Open Source Sense is often ask to take on highly bespoke engagements to help ensure our clients' success in launching new OSS projects, in penetrating new markets, and traversing dynamic ecosystems.  Examples include

  • Providing product and project management support during launch and other critical life-cycle phases
  • Performing market research and sentiment analysis
  • Assisting in recruiting developers, engineering managers and other executives for key roles at open source companies
  • Acting as pro tem community managers and advising technical steering committees and boards of directors